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Ship Out Service

At Vallés Funeral Homes & Crematory, we provide you with a transporting service to help take care of your loved one. We make sure that we do so in a respectful and professional manner. The transportation service that we provide to you is done by professionals so that you can rest assured it will be taken care of carefully and respectfully.



Traditional Shipping Service - $1500.00*

Here is what we do:

  • Transportation to airport
  • Refrigeration and care of the body
  • Preparing the death certificate and necessary forms
  • Coordinating with the local medical examiner/ if required for approval
  • Notifying Social Security
  • Administrative assistance for communications with responsible parties
  • Managerial support to supervise and document the process
  • Casket/Cremation
  • Air tray
  • Removal of deceased from place of death




*Prices for the Burial Service do not include, Charges for a facility to hold the funeral service outside of Florida Cremation Services, clergy Weekend services or merchandise. Removal fees are not included. ** Additional transportation charges outside of coverage area. **Also depending on where the deceased person is being shipped to there may be consulate charges, translation of documents if necessary, apostle, and notarization of documents as well which are not included in the package price.**