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Common Questions

We’ve provided a list of answers to questions we frequently receive regarding our services and other activities related to funerals. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us for more information. We’d be happy to give you more information and clarify any of your concerns.


What is the cost of cremation in Florida?
Costs can vary from firm to firm. On average, a cremation can cost as little as $299.00 to as high as $1,500.00. There are various factors that dictate the price. As a consumer, ask as many questions as possible. Florida Cremations Services LLC has an on-site crematory. Our pricing can remain low because we do not out-source the job.

What is the average funeral cost in Florida?
Average funeral costs tend to be higher than that of a direct cremation. On average, a funeral can cost as little as $995.00 to as high as tens of thousands of dollars, depending on budget, personalization options and merchandise. Florida Cremations Services LLC does offer funeral options, just like a traditional funeral home. We can make any accommodations that any other funeral home can provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding funerals.

How do we place an obituary?
Florida Cremation Services LLC offers different choices for a family in need of placing an obituary. It is recommended that you contact your local newspaper publication if you would like a printed obituary. The publication will contact our offices to confirm the death of your loved one. Florida Cremation Services provides free online notices that can be linked to social media sites for the family to share.

How can I ensure these are my loved ones ashes?
Florida Cremation Services takes pride in the work we do and pride in educating the public about the cremation process. Our identification system minimizes any room for error, as we have implemented a detailed identification process. Before cremation occurs, the procedure is witnessed by a funeral director and crematory operator. All identification tags are checked, witnessed and recorded. This process follows with the placement of a metal identification disc inside the cremation machine. The disc contains a specific number which is later used for identification when the cremation is finalized.

How is this low price for a Simple Private Cremation possible?
Several factors make our low price possible. Our independently owned business operates our own crematory, and we are able to utilize our staff to perform every task involved. In addition, we are effectively using the internet and advances in telecommunications to save additionally on labor and facility costs. Unlike other cremation providers out there, in most areas of South Florida, we do not charge for intangibles.

Where are you located and can I visit your facilities?
Our licensed facility is conveniently located in Opa Locka, Florida. We are situated just south of the 826 on 42nd Ave near to the Opalocka airport. Our physical address is 12830 NW 4nd Ave. Our office hours are Monday through Saturday from 8am - 5pm. We pride ourselves in having the cleanest, most respectable facility in South Florida.

How will I know my paperwork has been received by Florida Cremations Services?
Our fax lines are available 24 hours a day. You will receive confirmation from our staff of receipt by telephone during our normal business hours, Monday through Saturday.

Are Medical Examiner/Coroner fees included in your price of $299?
No, medical examiner/coroner fees are in addition to our fees. While our paperwork shows you what the various county charges are, you are welcome to contact them directly to inquire about their fees.

What are the other fees?
Besides applicable county fees, (medical examiner, death certificates) we do not charge families any additional fees for our basic services outside of our simple cremation offering. We do however offer a variety of merchandise and other amenities that are not included in our packages.

Once the loved one is removed from the hospital, residence, nursing facility or medical examiner, where do they go?
We maintain a holding facility at our crematory which is secure and climate controlled. The deceased is held until all required paperwork and documents are completed, at which time, we will proceed with cremation.

How long will this whole process take?
We must obtain a signed death certificate signed by the deceased's attending physician or the medical examiner prior to filing the cremation permit with the State of Florida. While some doctors are good at signing a death certificate immediately, others take several days. On average, the cremated remains should be ready for you in about two weeks.

How do I obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate?
Once the original death certificate is completed and filed with the State of Florida, certified copies may be obtained at the local registrar's office within the county of death. We do however ask how many copies a family will need during the arrangement conference. Additional copies of the death certificate can either be ordered through us at no extra cost or directly through the State of Florida.

How am I sure the cremated remains I receive are those of my loved one?
Florida Cremation Services has strict controls and monitoring in place to ensure that every person in our care is tracked properly. From the removal from the place of death, to our holding facility, to our crematory, and then to the placement in the selected urn, our documentation is thorough and complete.

How long can a hospital hold someone's body after they have died?
Contrary to what hospitals may tell you, they must hold remains until a funeral director claims them. Consider your options carefully, and please do not assume pressure from hospitals, as arrangements for removal can be very stressful to you and your family.